That sucks.

I rapidly learned from my early publications that despite the rhetoric, Medium was not going to be a source of income for me in any way, shape, or form--I just don't write the kind of essay that goes viral. My comments earn more visibility and response, but they also don't drive readers to my fiction, which is my writing priority (and a very small money-maker, but bigger than anything I've done on Medium). But it's an outlet beyond blogging and may end up replacing my blogs, actually. I get more readership here than on the blogs. But I've not even been able to do that recently.

That's why my Medium publications are hit and miss, plus since Covid, I've been focused on one fiction series.

As for the dashboard, this one is abominably complicated. It makes KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) look transparent, and oh, the moans about KDP....

Oh let me tell you, the crowdsourcing healthcare line hit me. I just contributed to a GoFundMe for a professional friend (already clobbered by circumstances) whose beloved wife went from normal to dead in four days.

Not Covid. Something involving pain that masqueraded as typical fibromyalgia wasn't, and she was in crisis.

I am a former middle school teacher. The screeching about fairness from some folks who want all the privilege, more than other people, has about the same effect on me as the screeching about fairness from a middle schooler seeking excessive privileges.

As you point out, fairness isn't the lack of negative experience. It is about equity. It is about lifting all boats, not a tiny sliver of the privileged.

Unfortunately, the incident I had happen was genuinely the author of the Medium post. Repeated, escalating, shrill private messages because I'd called that person out on a significant error of fact publically--concluding with "you're not my reader" and a block. I hadn't responded beyond an initial comment because I was away from my computer for several hours.

No links.

I can't see that author's work now, but after that experience, I don't want to. My initial response was an eyeroll and a thought to myself that said writer had better not venture into the world of writing fiction, because, honestly…


Many years ago, a friend and I were both on our period during deer hunting season. We had bear tags. We saw bear sign around our camp. We WANTED to see bears. We were armed and ready.

(Reader, we did not see bears. Not a one.)

It's not just fear. It's an issue of control. The two intertwine. The right seeks control over a rapidly changing environment because of fear.

I should probably write more on Medium (and have a mental list of things to write), but my brain's been eaten by the current fiction series I've been working on...nice article, thanks for sharing it!

One of Those Encounters

Picture by Joyce Reynolds-Ward

I had another one of those encounters yesterday, in of all places, the pickup window at my small-town general practice veterinary clinic. Due to Covid, their lobby is closed and all meds/paperwork/etc is done through a sliding window by the counter. Normally, talk there while waiting in line is minimal or casual, along the lines of weather, seasonal issues, and so on.

Not yesterday.

Now, I had masked up when I saw the man waiting. Even though I’m fully vaxxed and outside, it’s a courtesy on my part as well as concern about the Delta variant…


Thinking back 21 years to the whole Y2k thing. Off-the-grid gold claims near where I live now were selling for outrageous prices.

Interestingly, these days those areas now seem to be pretty thick with meth issues and opioid issues. The aftermath of a near-Apocalypse is not what it seems, apparently.

Apocalypse porn definitely got a big boost from post-nuclear war porn of the '50s and '60s. Even back in high school during the '70s, I spotted a certain common thread throughout those stories, where the Competent Male Protagonist (always male, always hypercompetent) who has been Mr. Nobody, Mr. Never-Gets-The-Girl…

Yep. And as a late boomer/Jones, I was just in time to see things change. It gets old being the last one to get a benefit/first one to see it go away. Hear all the talk about jobs being available...and then see them go away before one can apply.

No, not a bootstrapper here. And one factor that bootstrapper advocates miss--part of the so-called "success" of bootstrapping comes with a hefty dose of good luck. No legal or medical problems. Being in the right place at the right time.

The random chance of luck, fate, or whatever you want to call it gets completely disregarded by the Boomer/bootstrappers. Then again, I suppose they consider it to be their entitled fate.

"The majority of Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners I know are pro-science and pro-vaccine. They have gone through their discipline’s substantial training and licensing processes. "

Yes. My acupuncturist remained open throughout the lockdown because she instituted strict biosecurity measures from the beginning in her clinic. She was one of the first health care practicitioners in my area to get vaccinated. And she and her office let me know that appointments were available BEFORE the state did.

She's also strict about licensing and posting licenses in her clinic. And yes, she's also a Chinese Medicine doctor....

Honestly, I think part of the rationale for acupuncture working is that it addresses the fascia--I have myofascial pain syndrome and it helps, to the degree that I have more mobility without pain than I did before acupuncture.

Joyce Reynolds-Ward

Author. Teacher. Horsewoman. Liberal country girl split between urban/rural life, writing science fiction, fantasy, poems, and essays from the wide open spaces.

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